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We are at the forefront of what is possible with concrete restoration, and as a team, we bring our strengths together to take on any challenge we face. We lead our industry not because of any single factor, but because we set out to excel at each one: an unwavering commitment to incredible work. Passionate, dedicated, knowledgeable staff. Unbeatable industry experience. And a reputation for absolute safety and reliability, no matter the task at hand.

Even with all of that, we know that the future can be unpredictable. So just in case, we also offer industry-leading warranties, reassuring each client that we stand proudly behind our work and insist on their total satisfaction – every single time.

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You’ve got a vision, and we’ve got the ability to turn it into reality. From initial consultation services and design to the final installation, our strategic partnerships and in-house expertise mean that you’ll need less downtime to get your results – without sacrificing any of the qualities that we’re known for.

We’ve structured our organization to be nimble, adaptable, and always willing to take on projects of all sizes. From chemical and industrial plants, to parking structures, to paper mills or commercial properties – when you need high-performing commercial and industrial concrete coatings, repairs, and restoration, Gator can do it all.

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Concrete Services Waterproofing System Due to improperly tied in retrofit water stop, major leaks occurred at the joint where an old tunnel met a new one at this water treatment plant. With the water table high year-round, water gushed out of these joints and had to be sealed off from spraying with tin flashing. We removed the concrete topping […]
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Concrete Restorations Slab Trenching Systems As part of an expansion, new drains at this Calgary bakery were needed.  Gator cut and removed the concrete in three locations preparing the area for the new drains and piping.  After the new drains were installed, Gator doweled reinforcement and filled the trenches with concrete.  Once the concrete had sufficiently cured, the surface was […]
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Concrete Restorations Traffic Coating As part of the upgrades to the Brentwood LRT Station, Gator installed a performance coating designed to take heavy volumes of traffic and extend the life of the walkways for years to come. As a Master Builder / Master Contractor with BASF (the worlds largest chemical company), the MasterTop MMA products were selected for their […]
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