Gator Concrete and Structure Restoration

Industrial Plants

Industrial Plants are far often the harshest environments and the hardest to maintain. With constant chemicals, thermal shock, cleaning and wear they are the hardest on the lifespan of concrete. Downtime is always a concern with most plants running all day and night. Without proper and diligent maintenance concrete systems can find themselves in a state of disrepair.

With our knowledge of industrial plants, there are no projects we cannot handle. Coating work protects and lengthens the life of concrete; drainage work ensures the proper elimination of water and run-off; and, restoration work strengthens concrete systems.

Providing services on a 24/7 basis puts Gator at the front of the pack when ensuring timely turnover rates, the least amount of downtime, while putting your budget first.

With years of project management experience and industry contacts we also offer General Contractor services allowing us to handle the project from start to finish and you to focus on other projects.

The most comprehensive service in the Industrial Plant Industry!

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