Waterproofing System

Due to improperly tied in retrofit water stop, major leaks occurred at the joint where an old tunnel met a new one at this water treatment plant. With the water table high year-round, water gushed out of these joints and had to be sealed off from spraying with tin flashing. We removed the concrete topping slab (3′ thick) and began removing elements of the joint. Once down to the sub-slab we began filling the joint with Kryton water stop plug to immediately stop the flow of water, which was being aided by using 3 different sump pumps. After a few rounds we were able to eliminate all but 1 of the sump pumps and began the installation of Sealboss 1510 injection foam to completely stop the water and allow us the time to begin prepping for a concrete pour using the Kryton KIM additive to the mix design to seal off any further migration of moisture. We then started prep work for installation of EMSEAL Submerseal system. Due to the fact we were trying to stop the water from coming in, the Submerseal system was installed upside down; a challenging application but one that worked flawlessly. After the Submerseal was done we added one final layer of protection by installing Sika Combiflex over the entire joint; soffit to wall to slab to wall. This joint is completely bone dry after gushing water for months. A complex project but a satisfying result.

Concrete Cutting

This industrial plant in Lethbridge required a new opening and doorway to be created in an existing cinder block wall to accommodate their workflow. As part of the project Gator saw cut the door opening from the existing cinder block wall and fabricated, supplied, and installed the supporting structural steel for the door opening. Gator will work with Clients to produce the end results that they are looking for using modern techniques, all while maintaining a high standard of safety and quality.

Building Envelope Restoration and Waterproofing


Our expertise in multiple areas of concrete played a significant role in Gator being awarded the repairs to this 18-storey residential tower. When originally constructed, the large planters on the front of the building were improperly built.  The planters were overhanging off the building with no structural support underneath and were constructed without proper waterproofing and drainage.  Multiple contractors over the years had tried repairing the planters with little to no success so the decision was made to do a full removal and restoration of the entire front and west side of the Calla building.  After the demolition of existing planters and removal of substrate we also had to remove the stairs.  One of the unique challenges we faced was the temporary bridges to the front of the building and individual apartments so that tenants were able to have safe access throughout construction as every attempt was made to minimize disruptions for the tenants. Excavation was required to an 8 ft depth to allow access for the waterproofing membrane installation on the exterior wall.  Gator then prepared all new subgrade for the planters along with an engineered cantilever off of the main building.  Each planter was approximately 25 ft long X 5 ft Wide X 5 ft high and were rebuilt with proper drainage complete with all new electrical for lighting and a new irrigation system.  New stairs and handrails were installed including waterproofing for all the patios on ground level.  Gator fixed over 1000 linear feet of crack and active water leaking with Kryton crystalline grout.  Our success on this project has provided Gator the opportunity to supply annual maintenance for the parkade.

Loading Dock Restoration

This loading dock membrane re & re project could not have gone better.  For many of our clients down time is not an option, and Gator’s ability to be flexible is key to the success of such projects.   In order to keep the loading dock fully operational during the repairs and surface preparation, all preparation work was completed between 6:00 pm and 6:00 am.  When it came time for the coating installation, the entire coating was done with seamless installation over 2 days to meet the aesthetic criteria of the client.  20,000 square feet of installation in 2 days!  We were also able to partner with our supplier to provide an extended warranty for our client.

Parkade Restoration

As the Prime Contractor on this multi level parkade restoration Gator was not only responsible for the concrete restoration and new waterproof membrane installation, but we oversaw the new electrical and new drainage requirements that were required to get this parkade back to pristine condition.  Gator began this project by removing any of the existing coating that remained on the surface and then repaired any of the delaminated areas and structural repairs that were required.  Once the concrete surface was repaired MasterSeal 2500 was installed to protect the concrete surfaces from freeze/thaw damage as well as protection against parking deck chemicals including gasoline, diesel fuel, oil and de-icing salts.

Concrete Slabwork – Remove and Replace

During the original construction by others of this warehouse, sections of the subbase were improperly installed, causing significant issues for the tenant such as, cracking and collapsing of slab on grade. For multiple years the property owner attempted to fix the issue by mud jacking problem areas but the problems continued, so the decision was made to remove and replace the sections of concrete where the issues were occurring.  After demolition of the existing slab, Gator dug up existing subbase and supplied a new compacted subbase.  Once the rebar was installed and formwork completed Gator supplied, placed and trowel finished the new concrete slab.

Concrete Slab Rehabilitation

Drainage problems and water pooling resulted in significant concrete deterioration along the garage door at this condominium complex.  After cutting away the existing concrete aprons we reinstalled 6000+ sq. ft of new concrete aprons and curbs as per the engineer’s design, maintaining tight tolerances in grades to alleviate future water pooling.

Expansion Joint Systems

The expansion joints at this condominium parkade were failing and had reached the end of their life.  Installation of Emseal Expansion joint systems is one of the many services Gator has extensive experience in.  Proper prep work and installation are critical to achieving the expected service life from expansion joint systems.  Gator removed any loose particles and weak concrete in the joint area to ensure a sound concrete substrate for the installation.  Any spalling, chipped areas and uneven surfaces were repaired ensuring the joint faces were parallel for proper installation for the installation of the Emseal DMS joint system.

Structural Concrete Repairs

The structural stabilization and repairs of the Brooks Aqueduct, both a National and Provincial Historic site, remains to be one of the most unique of Gator’s Projects.  A number of years ago a roughly 500 m section of the Brooks Aqueduct was removed to build a road for the canal.  In doing so a large piece of concrete had struck a column and caused severe damage which was never repaired.  Gator installed 30 ft screw piles into the ground for support of new galvanized steel columns to support the weight of the aqueduct.  Repairs were made to multiple columns throughout the aqueduct including new pile caps and raker beams.  Gator also installed new fencing around a number of sections of the aqueduct. We were able to complete this work with minimal disruption to the existing marshlands and brought back life to a part of this historic landmark.

Traffic Coating

As part of the upgrades to the Brentwood LRT Station, Gator installed a performance coating designed to take heavy volumes of traffic and extend the life of the walkways for years to come. As a Master Builder / Master Contractor with BASF (the worlds largest chemical company), the MasterTop MMA products were selected for their self-leveling, quick curing, and decorative finishes. This provides an impervious flexible flooring system with the ability to handle the varied temperature swings we experience outdoors in Calgary.