Parkade Restoration

When the concrete began failing at this condominium parkade the deterioration was rapid and the concrete surfaces required significant repair.  Gators ability to cover multiple scopes of work was key to the successful completion of this project.  Concrete repairs were completed on the ramps, structural suspended slab, and topside through slab along with expansion joint and soffit repairs.  To extend the life of the structure MasterSeal 2500 was installed on all vehicular traffic areas and MasterSeal 1500 was installed on the pedestrian traffic areas.

Floor Repairs and Coating

As part of this floor resurfacing project a quick turn around was required to prevent any down time for our client.  To do this 6000 sq ft of surface removal, prep and recoating had to be completed in a 36-hour window.  Crews worked multiple shifts utilizing equipment such as a Schibeci concrete miller, gas and electric scarifiers and floor grinders.  After completing the mechanical removal and preparation of the concrete surface, spot repairs were completed using MasterEmaco 1060.  The surface was finished with a 3/16” thick layer of pigmented Ucrete DP B6, topped with a solid quartz additive broadcast sand tor slip resistance.  To help meet the tight timelines Ucrete accelerator was used limiting the time crews had to manipulate the coating system, but the end results were phenomenal.

Resinous Flooring

Gator works in multiple sectors and is sensitive to the needs of each. One such sector is the food and beverage industry. These plants require a high standard of cleanliness and CFIA approved products. By using microbe/bio-etch cleaners Gator is able to clean existing concrete surfaces of all contaminants prior to beginning the prep process. Gator’s wide collection of concrete surface preparation machinery allows us to adapt our preparation process to successfully achieve the removal of existing flooring and provide above industry standard surface preparation prior to coating installation.  Any mechanical grinding/preparation is done using specialized dustless equipment to prevent unnecessary airborne contaminants. Executing any needed repairs on existing concrete is critical and Gator guarantees all repairs are accomplished before proceeding with the flooring system install. The final step in this process is then to apply a high quality, durable coating system which meets the clients particular requirements and budget to extend the life of the concrete and make cleaning easier and more efficient. Gator provided multiple shifts to maintain 24hr/day production to complete the work over a weekend to minimize impact to the plant operations.

Slab Trenching Systems

As part of an expansion, new drains at this Calgary bakery were needed.  Gator cut and removed the concrete in three locations preparing the area for the new drains and piping.  After the new drains were installed, Gator doweled reinforcement and filled the trenches with concrete.  Once the concrete had sufficiently cured, the surface was mechanically prepared with dustless floor grinders to provide an ideal bonding surface for the polyurethane coating.  Areas which required deep fill were patched with MasterEmaco 1060 and cracks were routed out and filled with Ucrete crack filler.  The Ucrete DP base coat was installed ¼” thick with a solid quartz broadcast into the coating to provide slip resistance.


Waterproof Traffic Membrane

Scope for this project began with exploratory coring on the existing exposed concrete slab.  It was determined that no existing membranes were present to protect the existing concrete.  Problems identified included delamination of concrete and rebar, deteriorated rebar and ingress of water.  Gator repaired the identified problem concrete in-situ and applied a MasterSeal Traffic 2500 coating system with multi-year warranty.

Crystalline Grout Waterproofing

Projects requiring protection against ingress of water and waterborne chemicals are achieved through the application of specific chemicals and leak proofing systems. Gator starts by removing any unsound concrete, including failed grout, and repairing the surface. Following initial repairs, the surface is prepped for application of products such as Kryton Krystol T1 Leak Repair System. When properly applied by a trained installer like Gator, the crystalline grout creates an active system that will react with water and un-hydrated cement that act to create an impermeable substrate. Application of this product is also a key element to new builds such as the new concrete tanks for the City of Calgary Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion. By properly prepping the fresh concrete surface by grinding and pressure washing, a spray application of crystalline grout was applied as a waterproof barrier for the concrete in the channels and tanks.

Trench and Floor Draining Systems | Slab Replacement | Coatings

Gator offers multiple concrete solutions making us a perfect choice for multi-scope projects. Big Rock Brewery in Calgary required repairs to existing concrete flat works including upgraded trench drains, new concrete slabs, and a concrete coating to greatly extend the life of the existing infrastructure. This project presented many unique challenges including working in very confined spaces and requirements to keep concrete dust to a minimum. Gator was able to perform all the required work of demolition, excavation, trench drain installation, concrete placement, and final coating without the need for the Client to approach multiple vendors. Gator worked under a very tight timeline during the holidays to meet the schedule required by the customer. To complete the work Gator utilized their mini-excavation equipment and specialized demolition/concrete prep tools that minimize dust and disturbance to adjacent equipment.

Parking Ramp Rehabilitation

Stantec Centre in Calgary required rehabilitation of their heated underground parking ramp.  To repair the ramp Gator removed and disposed of the existing electrical heat trace lines, demolished the existing concrete (including excavation), and prepared adjacent areas for new concrete topping. The rehab consisted of new structural reinforced slab using high strength concrete and installation of new control joint. Topping slab included installation of new electrical heating system, wire mesh, and high strength concrete with tooled control joints.

Structural Concrete Repairs

The original install by others of the suspended structural beam reinforcing was done incorrectly. When consulted for the repair, Gator recommended that one beam be repaired at a time to maintain the structural integrity of the slab. Gator chipped away the existing concrete using small electric jackhammers to greatly improve control in an effort to minimize impact to surrounding concrete and reduce the chances of micro fracturing the surrounding concrete. We supplied and installed formwork using engineering drawings and then placed concrete with a finish to match the existing finish.