Gator Concrete and Structure Restoration

Concrete Lifting & Stabilization

Sinking concrete creates sloping issues as well as the potential for cracks to form. Usually caused by improper sub-base compaction and voids, mudjacking is a minimally intrusive way to prevent further sinking and bring concrete back to its former glory.

The mud mixture fills the void, raising the concrete back to its previous position. The mud is capable of giving the concrete the solid sub-base it requires to withstand all types of forces put on it. The small core holes used to pump the mud are filled using repair grout leaving an almost invisible mark, an almost flawless restoration technique!

For warehouse and plant slabs that exhibit movement from equipment and vehicular traffic, Gator Concrete offers a polyfoam system to fill the voids and structurally support the concrete slabs. With a cure time of 30 minutes, the shutdown time is next to nothing and can be returned to service almost immediately!

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