Gator Concrete and Structure Restoration

Ucrete Industrial Coatings

Harsh chemicals, constant cleaning, and heavy-duty abrasion lay a beating on standard concrete. These environments are so detrimental to concrete that they can reduce its life span by several years. Gator Concrete excels in the application of Ucrete Polyurethane Concrete Coatings. As a certified BASF Contractor, Gator has been successfully installing Ucrete systems in the worst environments for years.

Ucrete has a wide range of products that are up to any task be it rendering plants, steel mills, food processing plants, or chemical plants. With our 24/7 service, the risk of down time is greatly minimized. As anyone in the industry can attest to, maintenance cannot be skipped. Let Gator protect your concrete, and your budget!

  • Ucrete DP System for full protection with a quartz broadcast for high-end traction
  • Ucrete MF System for a smooth finish, assisting in areas with special cleaning needs
  • Ucrete UD200 System for extreme chemical, thermal shock, and high impact pressure resistance
  • Ucrete IF System for extreme abrasion resistance
  • Ucrete RG System for all verticals: walls, curbs, coves, and more
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